5 Ways to Improve SaaS Customer Renewals

How to Create Raving Fans

Renewals. We know they’re the key to long term success for SaaS offerings. We’ll discuss the importance of ROI in the next post; today let’s look at your business’ perspective, and the critical role marketing plays to ensure renewals.

A SaaS product marketer’s job doesn’t end when leads are delivered to the sales team. The health of your product portfolio relies on ecstatic customers who rave about it to friends and colleagues. They are sure to renew each year!

The best way to create raving fans is to keep clients engaged and entrenched in your product. Consider cloud software that is a critical part of your workday; programs you couldn’t imagine being without it for even an hour or two – think Salesforce, Office 365, Marketo, DocuSign, or whichever programs keep your organization’s wheels turning.

Now what can you do to keep that engagement going?

#1 Maintain your Social Profile: optimize the sites that best work for your product and brand.

  • Tweet or Pin user tips
  • Call out new clients on Facebook and Twitter: “Welcome Company ABC to the JMD Software community!”
  • Publish a post on LinkedIn. Invite new clients to connect.

#2 Share case studies. Your client gets to boast about their new efficiencies and you’ve got a great PR piece. New clients love to hear about the success of others.

#3 Encourage user groups; either online or locally. Think Apple, Harley Davidson, and Jeep.

#4 Provide ongoing materials and informative work sessions targeted to on-board clients’ new hires.

#5 Stay glued to account managers, trainers, the support desk, and other client-facing folks. And get out in the field. You can’t be successful with #1 through #4 without direct feedback.

What would you add to the list?


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