Market Segmentation

The Risk of Flawed Market Segmentation

 Email marketing communications are wasteful if they’re not correctly targeted. Content should be created with a message that is intended for a specific audience, which is usually a segment of your full target population. Zero Segmentation There is no value in an email “blast.” If this is your email strategy, it’s time to update your

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Contact List Management Essentials

Customer Data is a Vital Startup Business Asset You need to keep thorough and immaculate contact records.  But, certainly you already know this. Doesn’t everybody maintain accurate CRM information? Unfortunately, the focus on data quality gets lost in the relentlessly growing new business to-do list. Are you ready to carve out some time for a contact-data overhaul? Is it time

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Email Marketing

Perfecting Your Email Subject Line

It’s becoming more and more difficult to get your email opened and clicked. Yet, the experts agree that email marketing is alive and well, and still provides a fantastic ROI. Let’s talk about your email gatekeeper: the Subject Line. What’s the bottom-line goal of the subject line? Get the email recipient to open your message, continue reading,

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The Empowered Buyer

The Sales Funnel from the Buyer’s Perspective Have you experienced a paradigm shift in your sales process? We know that most purchases are thoroughly researched by buyers before they ever speak to your sales person. And while this was original true of B2B enterprise sales, I’d argue that nearly all sales are impacted; including those

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Developing an ROI Model: A Key B2B Value Prop

How do you provide an ROI story for a service or software that doesn’t directly affect revenue? Convincing buyers of the value in an intangible product is an interesting challenge. Without question, ROI can be your primary value prop. For enterprise solutions sales, you’ll speak to many stakeholders throughout the sales process, and each will

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5 Ways to Improve SaaS Customer Renewals

How to Create Raving Fans Renewals. We know they’re the key to long term success for SaaS offerings. We’ll discuss the importance of ROI in the next post; today let’s look at your business’ perspective, and the critical role marketing plays to ensure renewals. A SaaS product marketer’s job doesn’t end when leads are delivered to the

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SaaS Grassroots Marketing

Move Beyond the System Administrator Increasing software adoption at all user levels is key to reducing your churn. Both during the sales process and throughout product implementation, you’ll be dealing with a number of stakeholders. Depending on the industry and the complexity of your product, you’ll meet quite a few people along the way. How

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