Engaging Your Audience

This blog is a self-motivating commitment, pushing me to stay current on digital marketing trends. Yes, it’s about me. Just as every PR piece, marketing campaign or tweet we create is about our brand. The information we create and distribute has a clear motive – identify our high-value market, captivate their attention, and create raving fans for our brand.

This week I re-read “Finding and Engaging Your Target Audience with Social Media” from www.socialmediaexaminer.com.

Here are some key take aways:

  • The people we market online are actively engaged. They are not waiting for us to send them a poll, question or contest. In order to enter their network, we have to deliver value.
  • And not just once! Offering a discount or a whitepaper to entice our audience to engage is considered by them to be a trick. They want ongoing value, or they’ll leave.
  • Meaningful engagement is a market differentiator. It steers experiences and direction.
  • Shift followers from consumers to sharers – build social objects that people are compelled to pass on, and make it easy for them to do so. The acronym has changed: KISS = keep it significant and shareable!

Top reasons why people subscribe & follow companies:

1. To receive discounts and promotions
2. To get a “freebie”
3. To get updates on upcoming sales
1. To receive discounts and promotions
2. To show my support for the company
3. To get a “freebie”

Top reasons why they stop:

1. Too many emails
2. The content became repetitive or boring over time
3. I’m on too many lists
1. The company posted too frequently
2. I had too many marketing posts – had to cut some companies out
3. The content became repetitive or boring over time

Source: http://www.slideshare.net/ExactTarget/the-audience-has-spoken-social-media-marketing-stats-and-research/18-I_become_a_fan_when

So I’ll put this to the test as I write, attempting to engage you over time with useful information and a clear objective. Your thoughts?


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