SaaS Grassroots Marketing

Move Beyond the System Administrator

Increasing software adoption at all user levels is key to reducing your churn.

Both during the sales process and throughout product implementation, you’ll be dealing with a number of stakeholders. Depending on the industry and the complexity of your product, you’ll meet quite a few people along the way.

How do you connect across the wide range of your product’s users?

  • Your SaaS administrator wants to increase usage, too. (S)he had a hand in choosing your product and needs to validate the purchase. Chief!Marketing author Karl Wirth wrote about using RPI for Real-Time SaaS Marketing. Understanding Relationship, Persona, and Intent can help you engage the administrator by providing real-time suggestions and offers to assist them in increasing user interest.
  • Target specific marketing efforts and social media programs directly to your core user personas. I once marketed a student information system (SIS), which is sold at the school district level. Sales worked with Tech Directors and Administrators; but once implemented, the product users ranged across teachers, clerical staff, nurses, students, and parents. Success example: we found that teachers have a huge presence on Twitter, and we maintained contact by sharing classroom-related news and data.
  • Strengthen (or implement) your social customer care program. Develop a response program for all user social comments and questions. This is a relatively easy yet exceptional way to keep in touch with all product users.

Please share your own suggestions or success stories.


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