Set Your 2017 Marketing Goals

How’s Your 2017 Marketing Plan?

I’m sure you have a business plan and you know what your 2017 revenue goals are. Do you know how to successfully reach them? A strategic marketing plan that includes a calendar for tactical programs and events will provide the ammunition to achieve, and hopefully exceed your objectives.
If an annual marketing doesn’t suit your needs, consider a rolling quarterly plan, where you add a third month’s strategy with each month you complete. This format works well with SMBs and newer businesses, who may experience a higher rate of change than more established corporations. Regardless of the state of your business or the industry you’re in, you need realistic marketing goals set to meet your business plan revenue and growth goals. At a high-level, consider communications, social media, networking and events, and paid advertising as specific channels to use as growth catalysts.
As you put the finishing touches on your marketing plan, be sure it includes the following initiatives.

List Growth and Management

A primary marketing responsibility is to keep the sales funnel full with highly qualified leads. Equally important but newer to your list of priorities, is to provide the tools and methods for maintaining relationships with existing customers.
  • Do you have a process in place for maintaining lead and contact information?
  • How will your communication plan reach your high-value market in order to continually grow your audience?

Content Development

Maintain an editorial calendar that tracks all outbound communication topics and channels.

  • Stay on schedule with a list of newsletter content, email messages, and video and blog topics.
  • Think bigger with topics for white papers, e-books, articles, and webinar presentations.
  • Boost the value of your content library by repurposing items for specific audiences and channels. And be sure to get the word out with SEO optimization and a vigorous social media plan.

Do the Math

Initially, you’ll need to determine the amount of marketing initiatives needed to achieve or exceed your sales goals. On an ongoing basis, track campaign results to fine-tune programs and improve your customer acquisition cost.
  • Calculate your average sale price and close rate to determine the number of leads needed to maintain a healthy sales funnel.
  • Determine success with KPIs (key performance indicators) that include
    • Cost per lead and campaign ROI
    • Call to action click-through rates
    • Lead conversions by channel and list growth/health
Do you have any suggestions you like to add to this outline? Please share your comments or any feel free to ask questions.
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